William Randolph Mayfield and his wife Sarah Amanda Davis ca. 1900.

Mayfield Family Genealogy

Tombstone of Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838), Revolutionary War Veteran.

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Selected Mayfield Biographical Sketches

By Phil Norfleet

Short biographical sketches concerning some Mayfields who lived during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries are accessible from the hyperlinks shown below.  Please note that some of these biographies are connected to either my Mayfields of South Carolina or my South Carolina Loyalists and Rebels web sites.

A. B. Mayfield (1781-1849) of Chester County SC, Maury County TN and Monroe County MS

Abraham Mayfield (d. 1778) of VA and NC

Abraham Mayfield (ca. 1754-1826) of Fairfield County and Pendleton District, SC

Abraham Mayfield (d. 1840) of Chester District SC

Abraham Mayfield (1763-1850) Revolutionary War Veteran of Greenville District SC

Edmond Mayfield (c. 1763-1832) - SC Revolutionary War Veteran

Edward Mayfield (b. ca. 1660) of Colonial VA

Elijah Mayfield (1762-1843) - Revolutionary War Veteran of VA, SC, KY and TN

George Mayfield (1779-1848 - Indian Interpreter and Scout of Middle TN

Isaac Mayfield (b. ca. 1700) of Virginia Colony

Isaac Mayfield (b. ca. 1730 - d. 1795) of VA and KY

Isaac Mayfield (d. 1794) - Indian Fighter of VA and Middle TN

Isaac Mayfield (1742-1822) of SC, KY, TN and AL

Isaac Mayfield (1769-1849) of VA, KY and IN

Isaac Hill Mayfield (1826-1907) of Greenville County SC, Monroe County TN and Indian Territory

Israel Mayfield (d. ca. 1812) of Knox County KY

James Mayfield (d. 1780) of VA, KY and TN

James Mayfield (ca. 1750 - aft. 1820) of VA, KY and TN

James Mayfield (1791-1849) of Casey County KY and Pulaski County MO

James S. Mayfield (1808-1852) of Texas

Jesse Mayfield (d. 1833) of Greenville County SC and McMinn County TN

Jesse Mayfield (1793-1857) of McMinn County TN and Rusk County TX

John Mayfield (d. 1782) the Tory of Browns Creek, South Carolina

John Mayfield (d. 1782) the Whig of Camden District, South Carolina

John Mayfield (ca. 1754-1828) of Amherst County VA, Fayette County KY and Barren County KY

John Mayfield (1768-1813) and Mary Wolf of Pulaski County KY

John Mayfield (1773-1852) of Greenville District, South Carolina

Luke Mayfield (1777-1853) of SC, GA TN and IL

Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838) of VA, KY and IN

Micajah Mayfield (d. 1798) - the "Other Micajah" of SC and KY

Randolph Mayfield (ca. 1760 - after 1822) of Casey County KY and Lincoln County TN

Robert Mayfield (d. ca. 1692) - the Original Immigrant to Colonial Virginia

Robert Mayfield (d. 1715) of Essex County, Virginia

Robert Mayfield (d. 1816) of Chester County, South Carolina

Samuel Mayfield (1759-1837) - SC Revolutionary War Veteran

Stanwix Greenville Mayfield (1861-1942) of Denmark, Bamberg County SC

Stephen Mayfield the Tory of Browns Creek, South Carolina

Stephen Mayfield (1758-1846) of NC, SC and MO

Stephen Mayfield (d. 1834) of Pendleton County SC & Overton County TN

Southerland Mayfield (d. 1789) - Indian Fighter of VA and Middle TN

Southerland Mayfield (d. 1862) of KY

Thomas Mayfield (d. 1803) of Greenville County/District SC

William Campbell Mayfield (1783-1857) of Pickens District SC and Hall County GA

William Randolph Mayfield (1834-1914) of LaClede County MO


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