William Randolph Mayfield and his wife Sarah Amanda Davis ca. 1900.

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Tombstone of Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838), Revolutionary War Veteran.

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Biographical Sketch of Isaac Mayfield (d. 1795) of VA, SC and KY

By Phil Norfleet


1. Isaac4 Mayfield (Isaac3, Robert2, Robert1) was born in about 1730 in Virginia Colony, and died  in 1795 in Lincoln County KY. He married Jane (Jean) Baxter. She died about 1796 in Garrard County KY.


Notes for Isaac Mayfield


There is no documentary evidence, of which I am aware, which establishes who the parents of this Isaac Mayfield were. My best "off-the-wall guess" is that they were Isaac and Isabella Mayfield of Essex and Spotsylvania Counties VA; accordingly, for the purposes of this family tree, I have made such a placement.


This Isaac Mayfield apparently lived most of his life in Virginia. His place of birth is unknown, but it probably was in Spotsylvania County VA. However, this Isaac first appears in the official court records of Albemarle County in 1756. [See Albemarle County VA Court Papers, 1756, Folder #1]

Subsequently, when Amherst County was formed in 1761, all the records pertaining to Isaac are found within this new county.

The following official records appear to pertain to this Isaac Mayfield and his family in Amherst County VA:

13 March 1762: A 200-acre tract of land on the south fork of the Buffalo River is surveyed for Isaac Mayfield. [See Amherst County VA Plat Book 1, page 4]

20 July 1768: Isaac Mayfield receives a patent for the 200-acre tract of land cited above. [See Colonial VA Patent Book 37, page 308]

12 March 1768: A 228-acre tract of land on the south fork of Buffalo Creek is surveyed for Isaac Mayfield. [See Amherst County VA Plat Book 1, page 87]

18 February 1775: A 116-acre tract of land on the south branch of Buffalo Creek is surveyed for John Mayfield (son of Isaac?). [See Amherst County VA Plat Book 1. page 205]

May Court 1778: John Mayfield, "son of Isaac," is appointed surveyor of a road in Amherst County. [See Amherst County VA Court Minutes, page 230]

02 April 1782: "At a court continued & held for Amherst County at the Court House 2nd April 1782, Agreeable to an act of Assembly for Adjusting claims for property Impressed or taken for publik [Sic] Service" - Isaac Mayfield files two claims for such "publik" service. [See Amherst County Court Booklet, pages 12 and 14]

June Court 1782: Jacob Higgenbottom is appointed surveyor of the road in room of John Mayfield. [See Amherst County VA Court Minutes, page 509]

25 August 1784: Isaac Mayfield conveys 25 acres of land, situate between the south and north branches of Buffalo Creek, to Ambrose Tomblin. [See Amherst County VA Deed Book E, page 559]

26 August 1784: Isaac Mayfield conveys 175 acres of land, situate on both sides of the south fork of Buffalo Creek to Jacob Phillips. Isaac's wife, Jane Mayfield, relinquishes her right of dower in the land. [See Amherst County VA Deed Book E, page 597]

03 February 1785: William Mayfield (son of Isaac?) and Salley Crittenden are married by the Reverend Benjamin Coleman.


The land tax records (1782-1788) and personal property tax records (1782-1792) of Amherst County VA reveal the following re the Mayfields:

1782: The Land Tax List for Amherst County shows Isaac Mayfield as the owner of 175 acres.

1783: The Land Tax List shows, as an alteration, Isaac Mayfield to Jacob Phillips, 175 acres.

1783: The Personal Property Tax List for Amherst County VA shows the following Mayfields (apparently Isaac Mayfield and his two sons John and George):

George Mayfield - 1 white poll, 2 horses

Isaac Mayfield - 1 white poll, 2 horses, 9 cattle

John Mayfield - 1 white poll, 2 slaves, 5 horses, 12 cattle

1785: William Mayfield (another son of Isaac?) - 1 white poll, 1 horse

1787: William Mayfield - 1 white poll, 1 horse

1788: William Mayfield - 1 white poll

1789: William Mayfield - 1 white poll, 1 slave poll, 1 horse (this is the last entry for a Mayfield in Amherst County)

Shortly after the sale of his Amherst County land in 1784, Isaac Mayfield, with at least two of his sons, George and John, apparently removed to Kentucky. We do know that Isaac was in Lincoln County KY (then part of VA) by 1787 as his name and that of his son, George, appear in the 1787 tax lists for that county - see below. John Mayfield's presence in Kentucky at an early date is confirmed by his witnessing of a deed, for his brother George, in Lincoln County in 1788. Also, this John Mayfield (ca. 1754-1828) seems to have resided and acquired land in Fayette County by 1788, as he appears in the Fayette County KY Tax Lists for that year.

A younger son, Isaac, Jr., although he does not show up in the tax records until 1791, undoubtedly also migrated to Kentucky at the same time as his father, Isaac, Sr,, and his brothers, George and John Mayfield. We do know, from the Lincoln County marriage bond and consent information, that Isaac, Jr. married Mary Banks in December 1789.


Personal property tax records (from 1787 - White Polls and Horses) and land tax records (from 1792 - Acres of Land) for the Mayfields in Lincoln County KY are as follows:

1787 - Isaac Mayfield, 1 White Poll (WP), 2 Horses

1787 - George Mayfield, 1 WP, 4 Horses

Note: This George Mayfield (who later removed to Gallatin County KY) is almost certainly a son of Isaac.

1788 - Extant records are only fragmentary.

1789 - Isaac Mayfield, 1 WP, 4 Horses

1789 - George Mayfield, 1 WP, 5 Horses

1790 - Extant records are only fragmentary.

1791 - Isaac Mayfield, 1 WP, 4 Horses

1791 - Isaac Mayfield, 1 WP, 2 Horses

Note: 1792 is the first year for which land tax data is available.

1792 - Isaac Mayfield, Sr., 1 WP, 4 Horses, 75 Acres of Land

1792 - Isaac Mayfield, Jr., 1 WP, 1 Horse

Note: Isaac, Jr. is almost certainly a son of Isaac, Sr.

1793 - Extant records are only fragmentary.

1794 - Isaac Mayfield, Sr.,1 WP, 4 Horses, 78 Acres of Land

1794 - Isaac Mayfield, Jr., 1 WP

Note: Isaac Mayfield, Sr. Died in 1795

1795 - James Mayfield, 1 WP, 2 Horses

1795 - Isaac Mayfield, 1 WP

Note: I do not know the identity of the James Mayfield cited in the 1795 tax record.

1796 - No Mayfield Are Noted

Note: In 1797 Garrard County Was Formed Out of Lincoln; Isaac, Sr.'s Farm Fell Within the Bounds of this New County


There are only two Isaac Mayfield deed records in Lincoln County KY as follows:

By indenture, dated 21 Jul 1789, Alexander and Sarah Collier, for ninety pounds current money of VA, conveyed to Isaac Mayfield, Sr. 100 acres of land more or less, located on the waters of Sugar Creek. The indenture was acknowledged, dower relinquished and ordered recorded. The actual size of the tract (more or less) appears to be nearer to 80 acres than 100, as evidenced by the subsequent land tax records and by the sale of the land by Isaac Mayfield, Jr. in February 1796. [See Lincoln County KY Deed Book A, pages 402-404 and Court Minutes, page 394.]

In his will, the elder Isaac bequeathed this entire 80-acre plantation on Sugar Creek to his son, Isaac, Jr. Soon his father's death, Isaac, Jr., by deed dated 15 February 1796, sold the 80-acre Sugar Creek plantation to a certain Ichabod Parker. [See Lincon County KY, Deed Book C, page 47.]

In 1797, when Garrard County was formed, this Sugar Creek land fell within the boundaries of the new county.


The will of Isaac Mayfield of Lincoln County, Kentucky, dated 7 March 1795, was proved in the Lincoln County Court on 12 August 1795. This establishes that Isaac died sometime during the second or third quarter of the year 1795. It should be noted that Isaac Mayfield and the two witnesses to his will (Joseph Hicks and Henry Huffman) all sign by making their mark - thus indicating that none of them could read and/or write. Spelling, capitalization and punctuation (or lack of it!) are presented exactly as recorded in the Lincoln County, Kentucky records in Will Book B, pages 129-131.

In the name of God amen. I Isaac Mayfield of the County of Lincoln and State of Kentucky am now under the afflicting hand of Gods providence by sore sickness and bodily pain but in soundness of mind and memory thanks be to God for ever of his favor. And knowing that I must yield to Death Whenever God plans to call for me I do hereby Institute and appoint this to be my last Will and Testament revoking and disannulling every Will by me heretofore made whether in writing or by word of mouth And desire that this may be taken by all men as my last Will & Testament.

And in the first place I give and bequeath my soul to God my maker and redeemer to be washed by his blood and to be saved by his grace. In the next place I give and bequeath my body to the Earth in hopes of a glorious Resurrection among the Just at the last and final Judgement Day. And for my Worldly Estate that God has put into my hands I Order and dispose of it in the following manner, That is to say after my funeral Charges & Just Debts is paid I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Mayfield the Tract of land I now live on with all Improvements, Orchards and Tenements thereto belonging only with the reserve that his Mother my beloved Wife Jean Mayfield shall enjoy the present Improvements and benefits of the Plantation for her support during her lifetime. Excluding that part whereon my son Isaac now lives And all the remainder of my Personal estate of Whatever Kind is likewise to be left in the hands of my beloved Wife during her natural life for her use & support. And after the Death of my beloved Wife I will that the whole except the above mentioned Plantation which I have given to my son Isaac be sold & equally divided amongst my children reserving to my Grandson James Parks Mayfield Son of my Daughter Susannah Mayfield an Equal part with the rest. And I Do hereby appoint my two sons George and Isaac Mayfield as my Executors to carry into effect this my last Will & Testament agreeable to the clear Intent and literal meaning thereof.

As Witness my hand and Sealed with my Seal this 7th day of March 1795.

Isaac Mayfield [his mark]

Signed and acknowledged in Presence of:

Joseph Hicks [his mark

Henry Huffman  [his mark]


Notes for Jane (Jean) Baxter - Wife of Isaac Mayfield


The only published reference to Jane Mayfield's maiden name (Baxter), of which I am aware, is found in a biographical sketch of Lewis V. Phillips [see "Kentucky A History of the State" (published 1887) by W. H. Perrin, J. H. Battle and G. C. Kniffen, page 970] as follows:

"Lewis V. Phillips, a resident of Lancaster, Garrard Co., Ky., was born in Amherst County, Va., June 21, 1806, and is a son of Isaac and Lucy (Goodrich) Phillips. ... The grandparents of our subject were George Phillips and Sallie Mayfield, the former a preacher, and the latter a daughter of Isaac and Jane (Baxter) Mayfield, who was a native of Scotland. ... The Mayfield family already mentioned in this sketch were highly respectable people, and among their descendants are a number of the best families in Garrard County, ... Sallie (Mayfield) Phillips lived to the age of one hundred and thirteen years. ... "


The fact that the son of Isaac Mayfield, Isaac, Jr. could sell his father's plantation in February 1796 indicates that his mother, Jane Baxter Mayfield, was also dead by this time. In his will, Isaac, Sr. had stipulated that he gave and bequeathed this plantation to his son Isaac:

" ... only with the reserve that his Mother my beloved Wife Jean Mayfield shall enjoy the present Improvements and benefits of the Plantation for her support during her lifetime. ... "

Accordingly, the Sugar Creek plantation could not have been sold by Isaac Mayfield, Jr. without his Mother's legal permission, unless she was already dead. Since there is no statement accompanying the deed, made by Jane Mayfield relinquishing her rights under her husband's will, then it is almost certain that she was dead by this time.


Some Mayfield researchers have been concerned by the use of both "Jean" and "Jane" in connection with this lady. I personally see no problem. Jean or Jeannie are common nicknames for Jane. Isaac Mayfield, Sr. calls her "Jean" in his will; however, she signs her name as "Jane" in the consent note written for her daughter, Ann Mayfield, to wed William Hill in July 1790. [I have a copy of the original note.]


On 23 May 2000, I received an email from Clarabell Davis of Jacksonville FL concerning Jean Baxter. Clarabell stated that she had located information about Jean Baxter from papers donated to the Boyle Co. (Danville), Ky. Historical Society, by Mary Waddle Kaurish. Mrs. Kaurish indicates that Jean Baxter Mayfield was buried at the old Hutcherson Place. Mrs. Kaurish also made an entry on a family group sheet as follows:

" ... from Old Bible owned by I. H. Grimes of Stanford, Ky:

"Grandma Mayfield's maiden name was Jennie Baxter. Died age 117. Native of Scotland, brought to New York at tender age of 11. She was stolen. Grandfather Phillips' mother was Lucy Jan[e] Goodrich, Born in Va. ..."

Clarabell also found a Garrad Co., Ky. marriage record, dated 28 Jan 1807, where a bond was given by a certain James Mayfield to marry Patsy Hutcherson. The license was also signed by James Mayfield. She wondered if this James Mayfield could be the illegitimate child of Susannah Mayfield (James Parks Mayfield) and thus a grandson of Isaac and Jean Baxter Mayfield.  If so, it would be reasonable that Jean Baxter might be buried on the old Hutcherson Place.

Jean Baxter's purported age at death of 117 is clearly false for reasons stated above. However, it is possible that Mrs. Kaurish confused Jane Baxter with her daughter, Sarah Mayfield Phillips, who was said to have reached age 113 (see below).


Children of Isaac Mayfield and Jane Baxter

1. John Mayfield was born about 1754 in Amherst County VA; he died in 1828 in Barren County KY. He married Sarah (Sally) _____.

2. Sarah (Sallie) Mayfield was born about 1757 in VA; she died after 1850 in Kentucky. She married George Phillips in about 1773 in Amherst County VA; he died before 1850.

3. Susannah Mayfield was born about 1760. She apparently had an illegitimate child (James Parks Mayfield) by a man named James Parks. The probable father, James Parks, later moved to Monroe County, Indiana; he was a neighbor of Leroy Mayfield and a Deacon of the Vernal Baptist Church.

4. George Mayfield was born about 1766 in Virginia; he died before 12 June 1811 in Gallatin County KY. He married Hannah Burdett on 30 October 1786 in Lincoln County KY; she was born on 30 January 1770 in Virginia; she died on June 1849 in Trimble County KY.

5. Ann (Nancy) Mayfield was born in about 1768. She married William Hill 17 July 1790 in Lincoln County KY; he died about 1814 in Put-In-Bay OH (During War of 1812).

6. Isaac Mayfield was born on 20 January 1769 in Amherst County VA; he died April 1849 in Monroe County IN. He married (1st) Mary Banks on 22 December 1789 in Lincoln County KY; she was born on 14 May 1770 in Amherst County VA; she died before 1830 in Barren County KY. Isaac Mayfield married his second wife, Mary Woolf Mayfield (widow of John Mayfield), on 28 July 1830 in Pulaski County KY; she was born in 1770 in Virginia Colony.  Mary Wolf Mayfield died on 08 December 1848 in Pulaski County KY.

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