William Randolph Mayfield and his wife Sarah Amanda Davis ca. 1900.

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Tombstone of Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838), Revolutionary War Veteran.

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Stephen Mayfield (1758-1846) of NC, SC and MO

By Phil Norfleet


Stephen5 Mayfield (Robert4, Abraham3, Robert2, Robert1) was born in about 1758 in Granville County NC; he died in 1846 in Cape Girardeau County MO. Stephen was the son of Robert Mayfield (d. 1816) of Chester County SC.  Stephen married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown; she died before 1797. His second wife was Margaret Koch, who he married on 20 May 1797 in Mecklenburg County NC.  She was born about 1782 in North Carolina and was the daughter of George Koch and Anna Froschauer.

The vital information for Stephen Mayfield is based on an application submitted to the Sons of the American Revolution by his son, George Washington Mayfield (see the notes for his son George presented below).

The land records of Chester County SC indicate that Stephen Mayfield sold his land and left South Carolina in about 1794. Stephen Mayfield presumably went first to the Mecklenburg County NC area where he took a second wife, Margaret Koch in 1797.

A direct descendant of this Stephen Mayfield, Riley Russell Eddleman, has written a family history entitled The Eddleman-Fulbright Families (published 1981). Per Mr. Eddleman, after living several years in NC, Stephen and his family removed, first to Jackson County, Georgia, and then to Jackson County, Tennessee. Later, in about 1814, Stephen and his family removed to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri where he resided until his death in about 1846.


Children of Stephen Mayfield and His First Wife (Name Unknown)

The 1790 Federal Census for Chester County, South Carolina shows Stephen Mayfield listed adjacent to his father Robert Mayfield; Stephen is shown with a family of 2 white males over 16 (including Stephen), one white male under 16 and 3 white females.  Unfortunately, except for son Luke Mayfield (the white male under 16), nothing is known of Stephen's other children by his first wife.  In addition to Luke, Stephen apparently had one additional older son and two other daughters by his first wife.

We do have some information concerning Stephen's younger son by his first wife, i.e., Luke Mayfield:

1.  Luke6 Mayfield, per his Bible record, was born on 01 August 1777 in Camden District SC; he died on 03 August 1853 in Macoupin County IL. He married Delilah Gore on 10 May 1798; she died 18 February 1835 in Franklin County IL.

The vital information for Luke Mayfield, his wife and children have been taken from his Bible record as published in the "Georgia Genealogical Magazine," Number 74, Fall 1979, pages 298-300.

Luke Mayfield's Bible record indicates that he was a son of a certain Stephen Mayfield; unfortunately, there is no way to tell which Stephen Mayfield is referred to. Another note on his Bible record indicates that Luke had a half-brother named Elisha.

Some Mayfield genealogists have tentatively assigned Luke as the son of Stephen Mayfield of Overton County TN. However, in my opinion, Luke is far more likely to have been a son of this Stephen Mayfield, who, in the 1790 Federal Census, is listed as being a resident of Chester County SC. This Stephen was the son of Robert and Sarah Mayfield (d. 1816) of Chester County SC. My opinion as to Luke's parentage is further strengthened by the fact that Stephen Mayfield, son of Robert, had a son named Elisha by his second marriage (to Margaret Koch); conversely, Stephen Mayfield of Overton County TN has no known son of that name. Even so, more research needs to be done on this topic.


Children of Stephen Mayfield and His Second Wife - Margaret Koch

Margaret Koch's family was of German Palatinate extraction; she was undoubtedly Stephen Mayfield's second wife. They were married in 1797 in Mecklenburg County SC.  Their marriage bond, dated 20 May 1797, still exists and is on file in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. John Starnes is cited as the bondsman.

2.  Stephen6 Mayfield was born about 1798 in North Carolina.  Stephen married Margaret _____ in about 1828; she was born in about 1801 in North Carolina.

3.  Elisha Mayfield was born about 1806.

4.  Jacob Henry Mayfield was born on 18 October 1809.

5.  Mary Mayfield was born about 1813.

6.  Catherine Mayfield was born about 1814.

7.  Lucinda Mayfield was born about 1818.

8.  George Washington Mayfield was born on 13 February 1820 in Cape Girardeau County MO; he died after 1894. George married Sarah P. Cheek; she was born in 1820 in Cape Girardeau County MO.

George Washington Mayfield submitted an application to join the Missouri Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1894. The application was examined and approved by the State Registrar on 30 May 1894 and was approved and registered by the Registrar General on 10 August 1894. The following are pertinent extracts from that application:

I George Washington Mayfield, being of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, to wit, of the age of seventy-four, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Stephen Mayfield who was born in North Carolina in Lincoln Parish of the year or thereabouts 1758, lived in North Carolina and who assisted in establishing American Independence.

I was born in Jackson, County of Cape Girardeau, State of Missouri on the 13th day of February, 1820.

I am the son of Stephen Mayfield and Margaret Mayfield nee Cook his wife, and he, the said Stephen Mayfield is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of private soldier in the cavalry and part of the time as a spy.

... My ancestor's services in the establishment of American independence during the War of Revolution were as follows:

My father was in the service of the war of the American Revolution about seven years and took part in several battles. I have heard my father talk many a time about the Revolutionary War and the battles in which he fought. I also heard his comrade Davy Toney, who was in the same company with him and messed with him, and my father talk together about their services in the War of the American Revolution. My father died about the year 1846. I heard my father say several times that he was in the cavalry service and that a considerable [part] of the time he was a spy and was at times in very close quarters. Was an ardent patriot and I heard revolutionary soldiers say that he was a brave and persistent fighter.

The following is a memorandum of the authority for the above statements: From statements often made by my father Stephen Mayfield and also corroborated by David Toney who served in the Revolutionary army with him.

/Signed/ George Washington Mayfield (His Mark)

[Please note that, in the above application, George Washington Mayfield states that he was born in 1820; George also states that his father, Stephen, was born in 1758. If true, this means that Stephen was 62 when his son George was born. Although unlikely, such an age differential is supported by the Federal Census Reports for Cape Girardeau MO for the years 1820, 1830 and 1840.]