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William Randolph Mayfield and his wife Sarah Amanda Davis ca. 1900.

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Tombstone of Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838), Revolutionary War Veteran.

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Luke Mayfield (1777-1853) of SC, GA, TN and IL

By Phil Norfleet


Luke Mayfield purportedly was born on 01 August 1777 in Camden District SC (in 1785 this area of Camden became Chester County). Luke died on 03 August 1853 in Macoupin County IL and was buried in Sulphur Spring Cemetery, Nilwood Township.  Luke married Delilah Gore on 10 May 1798, daughter of Eleazar Gore and Elizabeth Murray. Delilah (sometimes spelled Delilia or Delila) was born in about 1775 and died on 18 February 1835 in Franklin, Morgan County IL.

Dates of birth and death for Luke Mayfield and his wife have been taken from information submitted by R. L. Wolfe of Fairhope AL.  The information submitted by R. L. Wolfe was published in the "Georgia Genealogical Magazine," Number 74, Fall 1979, pages 298-300. The data purportedly came from Luke Mayfield's Bible records; unfortunately, Wolfe's submission does not clearly delineate which information came directly from the Bible and which information was derived from other sources.

The Federal census records for 1830, 1840 and 1850 imply that Luke was actually born before August 1777 - most likely sometime in 1775.  The 1850 census indicates that Luke was then 75 years old and had been born in North Carolina, not South Carolina.  It would be very desirable to have the original Bible record available for analysis.  I now tend to believe that the document that R. L. Wolfe had in his possession was not an original Bible record of Luke Mayfield but rather was a document that had been written by one or more people based on sources not delineated.  At the present time, I do not know who possess the original document but it would be very beneficial if the possessor of that document were to provide a digitized copy on the Internet for all to study.


Parents of Luke Mayfield

The identity of Luke Mayfield's parents is unknown. The following is a transcript of a letter, dated 11 February 1946, written by a direct descendant of Luke Mayfield, Mrs. Frances (Fran) Mayfield Wolfe of Chicago IL.  Fran Wolfe was the wife of a certain Raymond Lawrence Wolfe who may be the R. L. Wolfe who submitted the above cited Bible record to the Georgia Genealogical Magazine in 1979. Fran's 1946 letter was written to the well-known South Carolina genealogist, Leonardo Andrea (1889-1966) - pertinent passages have been highlighted in red:

Dear Mr. Andrea:

Thank you for your kind letter of January 17, 1946 to my mother Mrs. F. M. Frase regarding the Mayfield lineage.

I am enclosing check for $10 to take advantage of your offer of copies of the Mayfield and Gore Material you plan to compile in March.

We have several hundred letters from various and sundry Mayfield offspring giving various and sundry bits of information about our clan, but to date we have been unable to ferret out the parentage of our ancestor Luke Mayfield (B: 1777 Chester Co. Camden Dist. S.C. ?) who married Delilah Gore, daughter of Eleazar Gore, about May 10, 1798 at Chester Co. S.C.

Hearsay has it that Luke’s father was Stephen -- but which one?

A copy of a will in our possession dated Aug. 1834 at Overton Co. State of Tennessee executed by “Stephen’ and naming his wife “Brigity” and his son “Stephen and wife Mary Ann” hasn’t helped one bit.

This file also contains copies of the proceedings of a suit wherein the son Stephen above named sued for the bounty claims of his uncles Lewis and Isham Mayfield, brothers of his father Stephen. The deposition of  “Del1a” widowed mother of Lewis, Isham and Stephen dated Nov. 25, 1811 is also contained in this file.

Hearsay lists Luke in Greenville, S. C. - Huntsville, Ala. - Jackson Co. Ga., and Missouri. (He wasn’t halted by thin tires nor gas rationing) Luke died Aug. 3, 1852 [sic] and is buried beside his son, Geo. W. Mayfield in Montgomery Co. [sic] Ill. He was the father of six boys and seven girls. The sons seem to have been travelers like their father, but the daughters appear to have “stayed put" in Carolina, Alabama and Georgia.

Mother and I have been working on this lineage for over ten years and I suppose it is the fact that great-great-grandfather Luke was so good at concealing his “past” that we are so determined to learn his secrets, skeletons in the closet and all.

Thanks again for your kind offer to aid in the search.


Mrs. R. L. Wolfe,

14117 S. Clark St.

Chicago 27, Ill.

[Source:  Leonardo Andrea Manuscripts, File No. 604, Page 23.]

Full transcriptions of the above cited documents pertaining to Stephen Mayfield of Overton, including his will, depositions of his mother Della and brother Isham, and the claim filed by his son Stephen Jr. to the State of Virginia, may be found at my web page entitled Stephen Mayfield (d. 1834) of Pendleton County SC and Overton County TN.

Some Mayfield genealogists, including R. L. Wolfe,  have concluded that Luke was probably the son of the Stephen Mayfield of Overton County TN, who is mentioned in the above Fran Wolfe letter. However, in my opinion, if Luke was really born in the 1775-1777 time period, whether in North Carolina or in the area which became Chester County SC in 1785, then he is most probably a son of the Stephen Mayfield who is listed, in the 1790 Federal Census, as being a resident of Chester County SC. This Stephen was almost certainly a son of Robert Mayfield (d. 1816) and his wife Sarah of Chester County SC.  Stephen Mayfield, as a young man, resided with his father Robert in Bute County,  North Carolina until his family migrated to South Carolina by the year 1778.  Thus, it is quite possible that Luke Mayfield was born in Bute County NC and, while still an infant, removed to the South Carolina Backcountry.  My opinion as to Luke's parentage is further strengthened by the fact that this Stephen Mayfield, son of Robert, did have a son named Elisha by his second marriage (to Margaret Koch); conversely, Stephen Mayfield of Overton County TN has no known son of that name. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Stephen Mayfield of Overton never resided in Camden District and/or Chester County SC; he lived in Pendleton County SC. 


Information Pertaining to Delilah Gore Mayfield

The following is a transcript of a second letter, dated 05 March 1946, written by Fran Wolfe to the well-known South Carolina genealogist, Leonardo Andrea (pertinent passages have been rendered in red):

Dear Mr. Andrea:

We are sorry you are still feeling badly. Despite this, however, the Mayfield data you forwarded, is by far, the most c1ear-cut and understandable of any we have received from other sources and we thank you.

Our information seems to indicate the source of our “lost” ancestor may be found in Chester Co., if at all.

Mother and the late Edw. Gore (son of David, grandson of Michael who was Delilia’s youngest brother, great grandson of Eleazar) corresponded during 1935.

Edward wrote that he had spent 30 years tracing the Gores thru Maryland, Virginia, S.C., Ala., Miss., Ky., and Ill., making personal searches of court records, church records, etc., much of that time. He contributed some incidental Mayfield data which he found while making his Gore search.

According to Edward, Luke wed Delilia in Chester Co., Camden Dist. (May 10, 1798) Their first child Ennis was born in 1799 in Huntsville, Ala. My grandfather Frank was born in Huntsville in 1828, indicating that great grandfather Ennis was not quite such a rover as great great grandfather Luke.

Edward found court records of Luke and Manning Mayfield giving and receiving deeds to land In 1798, Chester Co. We are not sure who this Manning was, but in 1800 Luke named a son born in Jackson Co. Ala. [sic], “Manning”.

Edward found record of Stephen and Jas. Gore being parties to lawsuit in 1790. Abram Mayfield and others were witnesses. Edward said this Jas. Gore was Delilia’s cousin and the son of Jas. Manning Gore.

I am enclosing $2 for research in Union Co. and would appreciate a rough estimate for Chester Co. research.

Thanks again,


F. M. Wolfe

[Source:  Leonardo Andrea Manuscripts, File No. 604, Page 24.]

The above letter appears to contain several questionable assertions made by Edward Gore as follows:

1)  Ennis Mayfield could not have been born in 1799 in Huntsville (Madison County), Alabama.  In 1799, Huntsville and Madison County did not exist.  The area was part of the Cherokee Nation; however, by treaty dated 07 January 1806, the land was ceded to the United States.  In 1808,  Madison County was established from the Cherokee cession; but the town of Huntsville was not incorporated until 1811.

2)  Manning Mayfield, born 1800, was probably born in Jackson County, Georgia not Alabama.  There are a few records that indicate that Luke Mayfield removed to Georgia from South Carolina (see below).

3)  Although I have done extensive research re the Mayfields of South Carolina, I have never come across any Chester County/District court records, dated 1798, that mention either a Luke or a Manning Mayfield.

The South Carolina genealogist, Leonardo Andrea (1889-1966), compiled several pages of information regarding the Mayfield family for Fran Wolfe, which he submitted to her on the "Feast Day of St. Mathias the Apostle 1946"  or 24 February 1946 per our modern calendar.  At pages 11-12 of this compilation, without any supporting documentation, he makes the following statements about Delilah Gore and her parents:

Delilah's father was Eleazar. B: 1752 Maryland. D: Febr. 12, 1830 Trigg Co. Ky.  Eleazar served thru Rev. War as private under Lighthorse Harry.  Eleazar went to S.C. in 1770.  He left Chester Co. S.C. in 1813 for Huntsville, Ala. where his daughter Delilah and husband Luke were living.  He left Huntsville in 1815 for Caldwell Co. Ky.  Sold land here in 1818 moving to Trigg Co. Ky. where he died.

Delilah had brother Michael.  B: 1798 Chester Co. S.C.  D: 1843.  Michael was in Ky. with parents in 1815.  Michael had son David.  Michael and wife and son David came from Trigg Co. Ky. to Ill. in 1835.

Delilah's mother was:  Elizabeth Murray.  B: about 1754.  D:  about 1830.  Elizabeth was said to be the daughter of a Scotch father and a full blooded Cherokee Indian mother.

If the above information concerning Elizabeth Murray is true, then Delilah Gore Mayfield would have been 1/4 Cherokee by blood and her children with Luke Mayfield would have been 1/8 Cherokee.


Elisha - Half-Brother of Luke Mayfield

The above cited compilation by Leonardo Andrea, at page 7, indicates that there was a notation on Luke Mayfield's Bible record stating the following:

"Luke's half-brother Elisha, born Oct. 10, 1792 went to Texas."

The Georgia Genealogical Magazine submission, made by R. L. Wolfe, mentioned above, also provides a copy of certain notations from Luke's Bible, made by Sarah Mayfield (S. M.) of Jacksonville IL in 1913. Her words, concerning Elisha Mayfield, are as follows:

(The next two names occur in the Bible just as they are written and it is not known why. S. M.) ... Elisha Mayfield, son of Stephen Mayfield was born the 10th of October 1792. (Luke Mayfield said this Elisha was his half brother and said also that Elisha went to Texas to live.)

The most important implication of the above statement, if true, is that Luke Mayfield was also a son of a Stephen Mayfield (but which Stephen?). I have been unable to locate any record of this Elisha Mayfield in any of the Federal Census reports for Texas.  Since the first Federal Census, conducted after Texas entered the union, was 1850, it is possible that Elisha died before this date.


Luke Mayfield in Jackson County, Georgia

Luke Mayfield and his family seem to have removed to Jackson County GA by the year 1800 as the 1850 Federal Census enumeration for Luke's son, Manning Mayfield, indicates that Manning was born in Georgia in the year 1800.  Luke remained in Georgia at least through the time of the  1820 Federal Census.  Records reflecting Luke's presence in Jackson County GA are listed below.

1796:  Jackson County GA is formed from Franklin County.

07 June 1805:  Joshua Kennedy conveys to Luke Mayfield, for $40, a tract of land of 123 and 1/2 acres on the branch of Gravelly Creek, being part of a survey of 8,000 acres granted to John Hinson on 31 July 1798.

10 June 1805:  Joshua Kennedy of Washington County GA conveys to Luke Mayfield, for $30, a 100 acre tract of land being part of a survey of 8,000 acres originally granted to John Hinson on 31 July 1798.

07 July 1807:  An execution order from Sheriff J. M. C. Montgomery to Daniel Johnson of Jackson is levied on the property on the north Oconee River granted to John Hinson, "exclusive of the following tracts: ... including all that Luke Mayfield is interested in ... "

02 March 1808:  Luke Mayfield conveys to William Wilson, for $100, a tract of land in Jackson County of 123 and 1/2 acres on the branches of Gravelly Creek being part of a survey of 8,000 acres granted to John Hinson on 31 July 1798.

22 March 1808:  Luke Mayfield conveys to John Eubanks of Franklin County GA, for $100, a tract of land of 100 acres ... being part of a survey originally granted to John Hinson containing 8,000 acres.

1820 Federal Census:  The families of Luke Mayfield and Nelly Mayfield are enumerated in the 1820 Federal Census for Jackson County GA per the table shown below.

Pg # Name M <10 M 10-16 M 16-26 M 26-45 M = >45 F <10 F 10-16 F 16-26 F 26-45 F = >45 Slaves Remarks
17 Luke Mayfield 1 1 2 1 0 4 3 0 1 0  

This is almost certainly the Luke Mayfield (1777-1853) who died in 1853 in Macoupin County IL.

17 Nelly Mayfield 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0  

I don't know the identity of Nelly Mayfield. Could she be the widow of a brother of Luke Mayfield?


Luke Mayfield in Jackson County, Tennessee

While he still was living in Jackson County GA, Luke Mayfield at least entered two, 2-acre tracts of land on Roaring River in Jackson County TN.  His entry records are listed below.  It is unknown if Luke ever actually moved his family to Jackson County TN; most of the early records for Jackson County TN have been lost due to a courthouse fire in 1872.

20 September 1813:  Luke Mayfield enters a claim (Entry #11458) for two acres of land on the Lick Branch of Roaring River about "1/4 mile above where Daniel Shipman now lives."  [See First Surveyor's District, Land Entry Book 29, page 17.]

06 November 1813:  John Payton, Sr. enters 20 acres (#11721) on Lick Branch of Roaring River "near Luke Mayfield's ... "  [See First Surveyor's District, Land Entry Book 29, page 76.]

23 March 1814:  Luke Mayfield and William Gray enter two acres on Crib branch of Roaring River "to include cave found by said Mayfield." [see First Surveyor's District, Land Entry Book 29, page 188.]


Luke Mayfield in Illinois

1830 Federal Census for Morgan County IL:  By the time of the 1830 Federal Census, Luke Mayfield was living in Morgan County, Illinois per the table shown below.

Page # Name M <10 M 10-20 M 20-30 M 30-40 M 40-50 M 50-60 M 60-70 M = <70   F < 10 F 10-20 F 20-30 F 30-40 F 40-50 F 50-60 F 60-70 F= <70 Remarks
85 Luke Mayfield 5 1 0 1 0 1 0 0   0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0

Luke's age at this time would have been about 48; hence, the enumeration seems to have placed him in the wrong age category.


1835 State Census for Morgan County IL:  The families of Luke Mayfield and his son, George Washington Mayfield, were residing in Morgan County IL at the time of the 1835 State Census per the table shown below.

Page # Name M <10 M 10-20 M 20-30 M 30-40 M 40-50 M 50-60 M 60-70 M = <70   F < 10 F 10-20 F 20-30 F 30-40 F 40-50 F 50-60 F 60-70 F= <70 Remarks
107 Luke Mayfield 4 1 0 1 0 0 1 0   2 1 0 2 0 0 0 0

The data indicates that Luke's wife, Delilah, was dead by the time of this census. Luke's age at this time would have been about 58; hence, the enumeration seems to have placed him in the wrong age category.

107 George Mayfield 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0   1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

George Mayfield (1814- 1855) was a medical doctor.  His wife was Margaret Warren.


1840 Federal Census for Morgan County IL: The family of Luke Mayfield's son, Manning Mayfield, was residing in Morgan County IL at the time of the 1840 Federal Census; Luke (1777-1853) is included in this enumeration.  Mary Mayfield, widow of Luke's eldest son Ennis Mayfield, was also living in Morgan County at this time. See the table shown below.

Page # Name M <10 M 10-20 M 20-30 M 30-40 M 40-50 M 50-60 M 60-70 M = <70   F < 10 F 10-20 F 20-30 F 30-40 F 40-50 F 50-60 F 60-70 F= <70 Remarks
114 Mary Mayfield 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0   2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Mary nee Myers is the widow of Ennis Mayfield who died in 1835.

463 Manning Mayfield 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0   0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

Manning Mayfield (1800-1864) is the second son of Luke Mayfield (1777-1853).  Luke is the male enumerated in the 60-70 age group (Luke's wife had died in 1835).  The other two young males are Manning's sons: Alfred and Manning Jr.



1850 Federal Census:  Luke's wife died in 1835 and, in 1850, he was living in the household of his son Manning Mayfield.  Pertinent 1850 Illinois census data re Luke and some of his children are given in the table shown below.              

Page # County Name Age Sex Birthplace Remarks
166 Montgomery

Manning Mayfield

50 M GA

Manning (1800-1864) is a son of Luke Mayfield.

166 Montgomery

Martha Mayfield

43 F KY

This is Martha nee Smith, wife of Manning.

166 Montgomery

Alfred Mayfield

21 M AL

166 Montgomery

Manning Mayfield

12 M IL

166 Montgomery

Luke Mayfield

10 M IL

166 Montgomery

Coon Mayfield

04 M IL

"Coon" may be a nickname for Manning's son who is officially named "Pulaski G." Mayfield.

166 Montgomery

Luke Mayfield

75 M NC

Luke Mayfield died in Macoupin County IL in 1853.

155 Christian

George W. Mayfield

36 M AL

Dr. George Washington Mayfield (1814-1855) is a son of Luke Mayfield (1777-1853)

155 Christian

Margaret Mayfield

38 F VA

Margaret nee Warren is the wife of George Mayfield.

155 Christian

Emily Mayfield

16 F IL

155 Christian

Frances Mayfield

15 F IL

155 Christian

David Mayfield

12 M MO

155 Christian

George Mayfield

08 M MO

155 Christian

Lydia Mayfield

06 F IL

155 Christian

Mary Mayfield

05 F IL

348 Morgan

Milton Mayfield

28 M AL

Milton is a grandson of Luke Mayfield and a son of Ennis Mayfield.

348 Morgan

Elizabeth Mayfield

26 F TN

Elizabeth nee Caudle is the wife of Milton Mayfield.

348 Morgan

Caesar Mayfield

03 M IL

Caesar is the son of Milton and Elizabeth Mayfield.

348 Morgan

Sarah Mayfield

01 F IL

Sarah is the daughter of Milton and Elizabeth Mayfield.

348 Morgan

Caroline Mayfield

14 F IL

Caroline is the daughter of Ennis Mayfield (1799-1835); Ennis is the eldest son of Luke Mayfield (1777-1853).

348 Morgan

Rufus Mayfield

12 M IL

Rufus is the son of Ennis Mayfield (1799-1835).

348 Morgan

Champion Mayfield

16 M IL

Champion is the son of Ennis Mayfield (1799-1835).

348 Morgan

Ellison Mayfield

19 M IL

Ellison is the son of Ennis Mayfield (1799-1835).

279 Williamson

Stephen Mayfield

44 M TN

This Stephen is probably a son of Luke and Delilah Mayfield.

279 Williamson

Leitha A. Mayfield

34 F KY

279 Williamson

Minerva Mayfield

09 F IL

279 Williamson

Elizabeth Mayfield

08 F IL

279 Williamson

Delilah Mayfield

07 F IL

279 Williamson

Sarah E. Mayfield

03 F IL


Children of Luke and Delilah Mayfield

Information presented below, regarding the children of Luke Mayfield, have been taken from two sources:

1) From data submitted by R. L. Wolfe of Fairhope AL, which was published in the "Georgia Genealogical Magazine," Number 74, Fall 1979, pages 298-300.  The information purportedly came from Luke Mayfield's Bible records; unfortunately, Wolfe's submission does not clearly delineate which information was directly from the Bible and which information was derived from other sources. 

2)  From the Leonardo Andrea Manuscripts, File Number 604, pages 11-13.

Luke Mayfield and Delilah Gore had thirteen children as follows:

1.  Ennis Mayfield was born on 16 June 1799 and died on 23 July 1835 in Morgan County IL. He married Mary Myers on 27 August 1821.  At the time of his death in 1835, Ennis was the postmaster of the town of Franklin, Morgan County IL.

2.  Manning Mayfield was born on 03 November 1800, probably in Jackson County GA, and died in 1864 in Macoupin County IL. He married Martha Smith on 06 February 1828; she died in 1859.  The 1850 Federal Census for Montgomery County IL indicates that Manning Mayfield was born in Georgia.

Manning Mayfield is mentioned in the History of Morgan County, Illinois (published 1878), at page 428, as shown below.  Specific information concerning Manning Mayfield has been highlighted in red:

... Franklin is one of the oldest settlements in Morgan County.  It was laid out by Wm. Woods, John Wyatt, and Walter Butler, April 7, 1832.  The first houses were of the kind in vogue all over the country at that time.  Mr. Manning Mayfield kept a general stock of goods, the first in the place, in a small log building, erected for the purpose.  As the town grew, this primitive affair gave way to a frame structure in which Mr. A. C. Woods, of the firm of Woods, Simmons & Co., of Jacksonville, opened a stock of goods and continued in business for sixteen years. ...

The following is a biographical sketch of Alfred Smith Mayfield. a son of Manning Mayfield and a grandson of Luke Mayfield.  The sketch appeared in the History of Macoupin County, Illinois - Biographical and Pictorial, Volume II, published 1911, pages 16-19.  Passages containing significant genealogical information concerning Manning and Luke Mayfield have been highlighted in red.


Although more than forty years have elapsed since Alfred Smith Mayfield passed away he made too deep an impress on the business and public life of Carlinville to be entirely forgotten. His birth occurred in Montgomery, Alabama, on the 2d of July, 1832, his parents being Manning and Martha (Smith) Mayfield. In their family were seven children, three of whom died in infancy, and those who attained maturity were: Alfred S., our subject; Manning. who died in California; Pulaski G., of St. Joseph, Missouri; and Luke, who was killed in the Civil War. The father, Manning Mayfield, was reared in the south, where, after the completion of his education, he followed the vocation of teaching. He was one of the pioneer merchants of Montgomery county. Illinois, having for some years successfully conducted a store in Zanesville, but removed to Metropolis, Illinois. about the time of the breaking out of the Civil war. His demise occurred in the vicinity of Carbondale, when he was out riding, having been killed, supposedly, for his money. He was about sixty at the time of his death. He was a son of Luke and a grandson of Stephen Mayfield. The family is of English descent and its members have always been well educated. The mother of our subject died when quite young.

Alfred Smith Mayfield was a very small lad when his parents removed from their southern home to Illinois, in whose schools he acquired his education. At the age of sixteen lie began teaching, his first school being in Morgan County, Illinois. When he had attained manhood he became associated with his father in the mercantile business in Zanesville, whence he removed to Girard in 1853. While a resident of the latter place he was elected to the office of circuit clerk of Macoupin county and was serving his second term at the time of his demise, which occurred in 1868 when he was in his thirty-seventh year.

On the 3d of August, 1854. Mr. Mayfield was united in marriage to Miss Louan Davis, a daughter of Elijah and Catherine ( Miller) Davis. She survived her husband for many years, remaining faithful to his memory. and died in 1907, at the age of seventy-three years.

There were six children born to them, namely:

Albert Le Roy; Webster Davis; Nellie Pocahontas, the wife of William Reid; Mattie Lou, the wife of W. R. Hulse; Luke, who died in infancy; and Alfredo Lilly, the wife of Bertie M. Burke. All are residents of Carlinville.

Elijah Davis, the father of Mrs. Mayfleld, was one of the pioneer settlers of Macoupin county and a native of Virginia, from which state he removed to Kentucky and later came to Illinois. Here he engaged in farming, making his home in Shaws Point township, and was regarded as one of the leading citizens and prosperous farmers of his community.

In 1852 Mr. Mayfield was initiated into the Masonic order, joining Mount Nebo Lodge, No. 76, from which he was subsequently demitted for the purpose of forming a lodge at Girard, of which he became a charter member. He also took the degrees of the Royal Arch chapter and was a member of the Odd Fellows for a number of years. Although still a young man at the time of his death, he had already become one of the prominent and influential citizens of the county. He made an excellent record both as a business man and public official. his reliability and integrity being above question, while personally he was held in the highest regard by a host of warm friends.

3.  Mary (Polly) Mayfield was born on 28 June 1802.

4.  Frances Mayfield was born on 05 March 1804. She married Samuel Harris on 22 August 1824.

5.  Cynthia Mayfield was born on 20 October 1805.

6.  Malinda Mayfield was born on 04 July 1807. She married James Manson on 25 March 1824.

7.  Stephen Mayfield was born on 01 February 1809.  He married Leitha Ann _____.

8.  Lucinda Mayfield was born on 17 July 1811.

9.  Artimisia Mayfield was born on 22 April 1812.  She married John Warren on 21 February 1832 in Morgan County IL.

10. George Washington Mayfield was born on 13 January 1814 and died on 8 October 1855. He married Margaret Warren on 07 February 1832.

11. James Monroe Mayfield was born about 1815.  He married Mary Roxilanna Vanwinkle on 20 August 1845 in Morgan County IL. 

12. Thomas H. Mayfield was born on 20 February 1817 and died on 07 January 1818.

13. Caroline Mayfield was born on 27 December 1818 and died on 24 November 1888.  She married Benjamin Cowan on 12 October 1837 in Morgan County IL.