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William Randolph Mayfield and his wife Sarah Amanda Davis ca. 1900.

Mayfield Family Genealogy

Tombstone of Micajah Mayfield (1748-1838), Revolutionary War Veteran.

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Stanwix Greenville Mayfield (1861-1942) of Bamberg County SC

By Phil Norfleet


Stanwix Greenville8 Mayfield (William7, Pearson Brummett6, Jesse5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born on 12 September 1861 in Polk County TN; he died in 1942. Stanwix married Leda Kennerly on 21 October 1888; she was the daughter of Joseph Kennerly and Ellen Dowling.


Sketch of Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Senior

The following biographical sketch of Stanwix Greenville Mayfield has been taken from the book entitled "South Carolina and Her Builders" (published 1930), edited by Ralph E. Grier, pages 136, 304 and 305:


"Long prominent in the political and agricultural life of Bamberg County, Stanwix Greenville Mayfield of Denmark, S. C. has seen twelve years service in the state senate; has taken a leading part in the development of his community, and as a large farmer has contributed much to the upbuilding of Bamberg County.

"Mr. Mayfield was born September 12, 1861 near Benton in Polk County, East Tenn., and in his boyhood removed to Greenville County S. C., near Marietta. As a youth he attended the schools in Friendship District, Greenville County; attended for one year the Marietta High School and then went to Furman University September 1879 and graduated in 1884 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He paid his own way through college and in addition to overcoming financial difficulties, conquered a more baffling difficulty, that of stammering which he finally put behind him entirely. In college he was twice president of the Adelphian Literary Society; was a Rex Convivi at the banquet held at Mansion House in Greenville in 1884.

"Mr. Mayfield has long been a planter at Denmark; owns large tracts of fertile land and the largest grove of budded papershell pacans in the state.

"Mr. Mayfield was admitted to practice law in May 1887. In 1892 he was elected state senator from Barnwell County, serving six years until Bamberg County was established from a part of Barnwell. He was then elected senator from Bamberg and served until 1904, making his service in the upper house twelve years. In all of his senatorial service he was a member of the judiciary committee and for eight years was its chairman.

"In his years as a member of the General Assembly he gave special attention to road and school legislation and perhaps the first state-wide road law passed by the General Assembly was drawn by him in 1894. Following the adoption of the Constitution of 1895 he with J. E. Ellerbe in the House of Representatives (afterwards Congressman Ellerbe) drew the uniform school law, of that session.

"His father was William Mayfield, farmer, born in South Carolina but moved while a boy to East Tennessee, and there resided until after the end of the Confederate War, who spent most of his life on his plantation near Marietta, Greenville County, and was a delegate to the first Greenville County Democratic Convention in 1876. In his native Tennessee, he had served the Confederacy and had furnished supplies to the Confederate army in East Tennessee. His wife, mother of S. S. Mayfield, was thrown into prison for releasing Reuben Maston, condemned to be hanged for having led an attack upon Union forces passing through the defiles of Chilhowe Mountains, East Tennessee, along the banks of the Hiwassee River. She was kept in solitary confinement for six weeks.

"William Mayfield's father was Pearson Brummett Mayfield, son of Jesse Mayfield, farmer of Athens, McMinn County, Tenn., captain in the Tennessee State Militia, son of John Mayfield, captain in the Revolutionary War, killed at King's Mountain, a member of Peter Nurns Company, Brandon's Regiment. Pearson Mayfield married Nancy McJunkin, daughter of Samuel McJunkin, son of Major Joseph McJunkin and his wife Mary Jane (Thomas) McJunkin, son of Captain Samuel McJunkin, the two McJunkins being well known Revolutionary soldiers. Major Joseph McJunkin fired the shot which killed Colonel Ferguson at King's Mountain. [Please note that the information in this paragraph concerning the war record of "Captain John Mayfield" is completely unsubstantiated and is probably totally false! - Phil Norfleet]

"In the French and Indian wars, Captain John Mayfield and Captain Samuel McJunkin at the siege of Fort Schuyler by Montcalm and the Indians, ran the blockade and carried messages from Captain John Stanwix at the fort to the settlement and brought back aid which resulted in the relief of the fort. John married Mary Stanwix, the Captain's daughter. John Mayfield, at the opening of the Revolutionary War, was captain of the King's Mountain Militia. The family came from Scotland and England and intermarried with French Huguenots. [Once again, the assertions of this paragraph are totally unsubstantiated and are probably totally false! - Phil Norfleet]

"William Mayfield married Miss Lillian Blythe, daughter of Rev. David Blythe, Marietta, son of William Blythe, son of St. George Blythe, son of James Blythe, minute man of Wilmington, N. C. David Blythe was a farmer and a Baptist minister and gave liberally to Furman University. He opposed secession from the Union, but equipped and sent three sons to the Confederate army. Absolom, Thomas and David - David was killed in the attack Peach Orchard Battery at Gettysburg. William Blythe was given land in the Cherokee strip for Revolutionary War services. He was a farmer. The family came from Blythe Wood, England.

"October 21, 1888, Stanwix G. Mayfield married Miss Leda Kennerly, daughter of Captain Joseph Kennerly of Hart's Battery, and Mrs. Ellen (Dowling) Kennerly. Their children are Joseph Kennerly Mayfield, graduate of Furman; W. D. Mayfield, who attended Furman and Clemson colleges; Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Jr., graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy, now lieutenant commander in the United States Navy; he served in the World War. submarine division; Christabel Mayfield, graduate of the Greenville Woman's College and now Mrs. Shelley S. Williams; Judson T. Mayfield, graduate of Clemson College.

"Mr. Mayfield is a member of the Baptist Church; is a Knight of Pythias and a Knight of Honor and is a Democrat."


Children of Stanwix Mayfield and Leda Kennerly

1.  Joseph Kennerly9 Mayfield.

2.  W. D. Mayfield.

3.  Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Jr. was born on 28 March 1896 in Denmark, Bamberg County SC. He married Annie L'Artigue Sams on 24 June 1924 in Charleston SC.

Sketch of Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Junior:

The following biographical sketch of Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Jr. has been taken from the book entitled "South Carolina and Her Builders" (published 1930), edited by Ralph E. Grier, pages 137 and 307:


"Among the younger men of South Carolina who are rendering valuable service to their country is Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Jr., a native of Denmark, S. C. now a lieutenant commander in the Navy of the United States.

"Lieutenant Commander Mayfield was born March 28, 1896 at Denmark and attended the Denmark grammer and high schools, leaving the high school before he had completed the course in order to make special preparation for standing a competitive examination in the Second Congressional District for appointment to the Naval Academy. After attending the Army-Navy Preparatory School in Washington D. C., he stood his examination and was successful, winning the appointment, and he entered the Naval Academy at Annapolis at the age of sixteen years, four months. He was graduated in June 1916 and was commissioned ensign.

"During the World War he saw service in submarines, being attached to the U. S. Submarine AL-1l in the war zone. After holding commissions as ensign, lieutenant (Junior Grade) and lieutenant he was in November 1927 commissioned lieutenant commander in which grade he is now (1929) serving.

"Lieutenant Commander Mayfield is a son of former State Senator Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, Sr., long a prominent figure in the political life of South Carolina, who was a son of William Mayfield, Marietta, Greenville County, South Carolina. William Mayfield was a son of Pearson Brommett Mayfield of Benton. Polk County, Tenn., whose grandfather, Captain John Mayfield was killed at the Battle of King's Mountain. At this battle Major Joseph McJunkin (whose granddaughter Captain John Mayfield's son, Jesse, married) shot Colonel Ferguson. (In this volume is a sketch of S. G. Mayfield, Sr. which gives further information about the family). [Please note that the assertions in this paragraph concerning the war record of "Captain John Mayfield" and "Major Joseph McJunkin" are completely unsubstantiated and are probably totally false! - Phil Norfleet]

"Lieutenant Commander Mayfield's mother is Mrs. Leda (Kennerly) Mayfield of Graham's Turnout, Barnwell County, daughter of Captain Joseph Kennerly. farmer, member of Hart's Battery. Senator M. C. Butler is said to have pronounced him the best shot in that battery which was the finest in the Confederacy. In the defense of Sullivan's Island, he put "Long Tom" out of existence. Captain Joseph Kennerly was a son of Thomas Kennerly, farmer, son of James Kennerly, a soldier of the Revolutionary War. The family was of Wales.

"June 24, 1924, Lieutenant Mayfield married Miss Annie L'Artigue Sams at Charleston. S. C. She was a daughter of Doctor Franklin Frost Sams, and his wife Elizabeth McPherson Gregory Sams.

"The children are Annie Sams Mayfield and Stanwix Greenville Mayfield, III.

"Lieutenant Commander Mayfield is a member of the Baptist Church; of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks."

4.  Christabel Mayfield.

5.  Judson T. Mayfield.

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